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    Build Team Template

    Hello Great Light Desert!,

    Our Head Builder, Monkey13 is currently looking for some builders, if you are interested in a builder trial simply fill out and submit this application in a separate thread. Builders will be assigned to projects. The Projects will be required to be completed.

    Some Info:

    - You will work as a team with other players
    - You will be supplied items
    - Staff members will add you to regions
    - The perms and items given will not be abused
    - Build Trial is no set limit of time


    Your IGN:

    Age (Must be 14 or older):

    How long have you played on GLServers?:

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?:

    How often are you able to build?:

    What country and timezone do you live in?:

    Do you have Skype?(Required):

    Have you been on any other build teams?:

    Have you ever been banned from GLD, and if so, for what reason(s)?:

    Anything else we should know:

    Please supply some photos of your work or send them to Monkey13's Skype (Skype:gangstermonkey13):

    What is your specialty (structures, terraforming, pixelart, nature, etc):

    Are you aware that if you’re caught abusing your Builder rank you will be demoted and may even be banned?:

    Any questions?:
    PowerMod Monkey13
    Head Builder

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    Ign: KittyMakesCakes
    Age: 16
    How long I've been playing on GLD for: 4 years
    How long I've been playing minecraft: 4 years
    How often I'm able to build: all the time
    Country & timezone: New york , GMT- 8:00 pacific time
    Skype: kittymakescakes
    Has I've ever been on any other build teams: yes, but only on small servers
    Have I've ever been banned from GLD: nope
    My specialty: houses and other structures and banners
    Yes I'm aware if I'm caught abusing my builder rank I will be demoted and possibly banned.
    (picture I will send to monkey13's Skype)
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