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Thread: Raid Town!

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    Raid Town!

    Hello GLD,

    I have some news that I would like to share with everyone.

    Form now on there will be a town built in creative by the staff/build team with its sole purpose is to be raided.

    These towns will reasonable protected and a challenge to raid. Things such as obsidian walls, traps and nether portals may be used to protect them.

    Staff members that are online will be guarding the towns.

    The towns will vary in different sizes; with some of them being large and the others smaller in proportion. The one that is being built for this war is about 100 by 100.

    They will also have varying levels of loot in them that will change every week depending on demand. Examples are emeralds, creeper eggs, PVP gear and extra.

    I had made a small town, a "raid town" last war as a test. There were some problems with it such as the loot lost in raiding the town, and the fact that dying 20 times was not worth the loot that the players got from the raid. Now this is something that I plan to fix this war with a lot more loot and the amount will change every war depending how many players are online to raid the town. I will say that we will be putting A LOT more loot then last time in the test run of this idea. The good news from our test using the "raid town" was that it had about an hour and a half of non stop PVP excitement. This town that we are preparing for this week will be bigger and a lot more staff members should be online. We will also be testing to see if putting enderchests in the town will fix the problem of combat tag being so long, preventing players from getting away easily.

    I hope to see all of you online during next war on the 19th at 7:00 PM EST.

    See all of you there!

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    Sounds like fun, I'll definitely get my ass kicked in an attempt to get loot. Any chance some other mob eggs could be part of the loot, like sheep or cows?

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    I will be attempting to defend, though I hope I don't get my ass handed to me. Good luck gents!
    Powermod Nonojang

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    Good idea, It's a start.

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    Thanks for everyones feedback! We're making yet another round of changes to the town by removing all lava aspects and trying to make it less box like! Currently it's looking great and much better aesthetics than the last town. Hope to see you all on, and yes we will add some more awesome loot for everyone to enjoy!

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